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Welcome to the official website of Solway Group in Asia Pacific. Solway Investment Group is a private equity investor seeking to achieve excellence in every project that it pursues, whether it concerns the development and expansion of the Company’s enterprises in the raw materials industry, the construction of high-quality real estate or the achievement of targeted returns through effective portfolio investments.
Solway Group has numerous processing facilities located around the world. The most notable ones are Pobugsky Ferronickel Plant located in Ukraine with production capacity of 21 000 Ni per annum and Fenix Plant located in Guatemala with production capacity of 23 000 Ni per annum.

More information can be found on Solway Group at corporate website: www.solwaygroup.com

From 2007 Solway Group has been actively developing green field nickel and coal deposits in Indonesia. Since that time we have managed to identify a world class nickel deposit in Halmahera as well as several mid-sized nickel mines in Sulawesi which underwent substantial mine development. Today’s main focus is direct nickel reduction project in Central Sulawesi as well as further development of the Halmahera deposit. Solway as a group has a strong commitment to community involvement and development and fully meeting environmental standards.

Our Operation Maps

Nickel Production, Sorawolio, Bau-Bau - Southeast Sulawesi
Nickel Production, Bungku Timur, Morowali - Central Sulawesi
Nickel Production, Molawe, Konawe Utara - Southeast Sulawesi
Nickel Production, Konawe Utara - Southeast Sulawesi
Nickel Production, Asera, Konawe Utara - Southeast Sulawesi
Coal Exploration, Teluk Bintuni and Maybart - West Papua
Nickel Exploration, Maha Kota, Halmahera Timur - North Maluku
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